Capturing Energy Performance

Environmental Solutions for Buildings and Infrastructures

The high reflective coating technology and the cool photocatalytic technology of Watergy International Group has been certified by ADQCC with the AD environmental performance Trustmark.

Recently, our HSRS WP Thermo, a waterproofing and thermal proofing roofing system, has been approved for waterproofing certification attestation by Dubai Municipality and approved by the municipality of Sharjah. The system is suitable for almost any kind of roof surface and assure an equivalent U value of 0.172 with a cost that is almost half of a combo roof with the same performance.

Our Technology

Keep a Cool Environment

Our technology is mainly based on Cool Materials technology. A cool material can be a paint, a coating system, a treated metal surface or a tile with two important characteristics: high solar reflectance daytime and high thermal emittance nighttime. As result of this, the quantity of heat transmitted inside buildings and structures is drastically reduced.

Energy Reduction Engagement

Therapeutic Solutions for Performing Infrastructures At Their Best

Watergy International Group is a member of the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network and member of the Architecture, Urbanism and Technology (AUT) of the University of Sharjah. Watergy International Group has signed an MOU with University of Sharjah for an international research project about energy production performance enhancement in the photovoltaic sector with the aid of high reflective coating system technology. The results of the project have been published on Oxford Academic Journal in February 2019 reference to the article

In 2016, Watergy International Group has signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” to endorse its partnership with TEC, the company, which is developing the project in Tunisia, for the “Tunis Economic City” project

At the end of March 2020, in collaboration with the UOS and Ministry of Infrastructure development, Watergy started a pilot project to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect around a school complex in Sharjah, reducing the average surface temperature by 16° Celsius