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The Watergy Group is in the forefront of renewable energy and specifically promotes the optimization of  energy and water resources consumption by using next generation technologies.

Our activity primarly consists in the design and construction of:

Photovoltaic Systems

Geothermal Systems

Cool Materials and Energy Saving



In the field of energy we provide our customers with the most innovative Temperature Control Materials (TCM) for  buildings and external pipes (Cool Materials):

Watergy group has designed and developed the High Solar Reflection System (H.S.R.S.) Easy Clean. We are also franchise holder of Abolin, a Greek company leader in Cool Materials and High Reflection products for the energy sector.

On the occasion of the "Cool Roofs In EUROPE" Congress, held in Rhodes, Greece, the two Watergy systems for roofs and façade named H.S.R.S Easy Clean R and H.S.R.S. Easy Clean F have been tested in order to put them forward to european distributors focused on energy saving.

Finally, we have developed a modern system for the automatic cleaning of panels in photovoltaic parks.

This system consists of a high reflection component, Cool Material type (the tests performed in ENEA have given values of reflection in the visible of 94.7%) and an anti-graffiti coating that allows the removal of graffiti, usually by pressure water washing the reflective surface. (Most of the time rain action is sufficient).


Reflective Materials Technology: 

• can reduce energy consumption in residential Air-conditioned buildings and increase thermal comfort in Non Air-conditioned ones; 
• can reduce energy consumption in commercial Air-conditioned buildings at our latitudes;
• helps to mitigate the urban heat island (UHI) and improves conditions of urban comfort; 
• by chilling the planet, helps to reduce atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and CO2;
• Cool Roofs Projet (http://www.coolroofs-eu.eu) has promoted a series of studies and created databases, case studies, manuals, action plans for marketing actions and founded European Cool Roof Council (ECRC)


The cool materials can be classified into 4 main categories:

nonmetallic white materials 
reflective colored coatings 
metallic coatings materials 
dynamic materials

Air conditioning systems for buildings based on low-temperature Geothermal properties.

This is an inexhaustible energy source, constantly available and especially RENEWABLE.

Usually we are used to thinking of GEOTHERMAL in terms of steam used in Thermoelectric Centrals, or as thermal waters directly used for air conditioning. However, it is obvious that also the “ground” in our backyard can be considered a resource like this. A few meters deep into the Earth,  terrain maintains a nearly constant temperature all year round, and it allows us to EXTRACT HEAT in winter to heat an environment and TO USE it as energy during summertime to cool the same environment.

This heat exchange is realized by using heat pumps COMBINED WITH GEOTHERMAL PROBES that, by exploiting this principle allow to heat and cool our homes with a single installation. It ensures a high level of performance over the entire season, with electricity requirements kept down compared to the efficiency. You don't even need any external heat input (for example a methane boiler) during the peak of winter.

Home automation systems (domotic systems), remote video surveillance and detection of last generation

Domotics or Home Automation is an interdisciplinary science that can provide innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life and needs of home occupiers.

The term “domotics” is a neologism which derives from the Greek “domos” (δοµος) which means "home".

The Watergy, aided by the competence of various national and international consultants  stongly promoto this area that requires the input of many technologies and professionalism, including civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications and informatics.

Comfort, safety, environment-health-savings relation

Everything associated with international certifications.



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