We are sure about our promises because our experts are constantly in search of the most interesting and most valuable innovations designed and produced in every corner of our planet.

The products that we use in the different areas of intervention come from different countries even if they share three very important factors:






• Systems and products for primary water treatment process, wastewater, swimming pool and bacteria

• Sterilization, desalination and purification of water

• Filtration

• Softening and demineralization

• Ion exchange resins

• Ceramic-based anti-corrosion treatments

• Anti-corrosion treatments based on nanotechnology-based products,

• Industrial detergents

• Remote sensing systems in management systems

• Automated management systems for plants

• Buildings Energy certification

• Low-temperature geothermal systems

• Financial services for individuals' purchase of our products


To mention only a few of our areas of intervention, we are able to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions to the most common problems such as the management of fluid and energy flows in production cycles including:

• Erosion

• Corrosion

• Cavitation

• Chemical attack

• Providing Leakage

• Energy Saving

• Treatments and auxiliary systems for photovoltaic and solar thermal

• Home automation systems for parks and plans photovoltaic automated cleaning

• Auxiliary products for industrial cleaning

• Anti-graffiti systems



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