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Our team is able to protect surfaces by coating application for buses, trains, public transportation, road signs, monuments, precious objects, non-absorbent building façade, without any limitation.

The coating can be diluted with apolar solvents as alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbon, ketones,esters and ether. It is sensitive to moisture and in contact with this, it slowly produces ammonia. Polymer will also react with polar substances such us alcohol, acids and bases.

Our protective coating is a polisilazano easy to apply and ready to use, which can be applied on all types of alloys and metals such as brass, copper, bronze, aluminium, silver. The protective coating dries at room temperature approximately within one hour after your application.

It can easily be applied by spraying, dipping or brush. The resistance to the attack of most graffiti (indelible felt pens etc) is obtained after 48 hours from the application, while a full protection against any graffiti can be obtained after seven days from the application of polisilazano itself.

Removal of graffiti from the surface with polisilazano is obtained by pressure washing. it also has excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation, scratches , as well as to oxidation and corrosion.

They will no longer be a problem!!!



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